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Who We Are

Science Ambassadors Foundation is a non-profit organization created to find solutions to persisting socio-economic problems in Africa by harnessing the strong passion for STEM learning among youths, and providing the knowledge and support required to fully explore their innovative potentials in problem solving.

Our Goals

Our foundation offers a wide range of programmes and support to help the youth in Africa overcome the various obstacles they face. We are determined to empower these young people by providing resources, guidance, and training that can help them reach their goals.

We hope to build a stronger future for our continent by helping to create more educational opportunities, employment options, and social programs that provide real-world skills and meaningful experiences.

With our continued commitment in helping African youth succeed, we strive to be the best foundation in Africa dedicated to helping our young people build secure lives.

Why us.

What makes us different?

Our Vision

To inspire the ingenuity of tomorrows’ scientists.

Our Mission

To build across Africa, a community of innovators, inventors, problem solvers, job creators, and nation builders by scientifically translating ideas into entrepreneurial solutions using STEM tools and methodology.

Our Core Values

Our core values are Pragmatic Innovative Experimental

10,000 Youths Reached

200+ Schools

5 Industries

5 Programmes


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